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27-Aug-2019 14:49

My two other coworkers didn’t seem to think it was a big deal.After he left, I tried to find and kill it but it was already gone god knows where.

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I hate insects and I certainly don’t want one, even a “cute” one, set loose to wander the office. He put the ladybug in the plant despite my protests.I hadn’t seen any previous signs that she wasn’t fitting into our culture or that she wasn’t following our professional norms, but she’s also right out of school and new to the work world.Going forward, I’ll make sure my team is clear that we don’t dress up for Halloween.” That’s all you can say, really. It would also be worth making sure that you’re clearly communicating any cultural expectations to new hires, especially more junior ones.There were no red flags from her at any time and this came out of left field.

The director keeps asking me what she was thinking but I have no clue.

The decision to fire her was out of my hands though.