2016 community dating friends site seznamka

08-Apr-2019 04:39

Today, we are an essential meeting point for global citizens from all corners of the world.

A soulmate, a friend, a gladiator for a cause, a partner in crime, a business idea, an adventure, a dream come true, a shooting star... Everyone that I come in contact with is so open and welcoming.

You fantasize about being nurtured and cuddled, perhaps powdered and changed.

Or maybe your fantasy is to be the caregiver of an adult baby?

Being an adult and living with adult responsibilities is hard.

Wouldn't it be nice to just be a baby again and have every need taken care of by someone else?It is even easy for them, as for the better or worse, you and your friend carry no actual responsibilities toward each other, Getting too attached to an online friend might leave you disappointed.