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29-Mar-2019 05:56

(Court TV) -- A former West Virginia beauty queen has sued dozens of Web site operators for posting an Internet porn video falsely claiming to show her in a sex romp in the back of a Channel 13 news truck.Allison Williams, who was named Miss West Virginia in 2003, filed the suit against 59 defendants -- in the United States, Australia, South Africa and The Netherlands -- who posted the phony sex video of the 23-year-old on their Web sites. Virginia, native discovered the video in August 2004 while performing an Internet search during her first week of law school.Although the site never responded, the lawsuit states, "Such defamatory materials were [later] altered such that the image of the plaintiff appeared to have brown eyes instead of her natural color, green."However, Juicy, along with many others sites, did not take down the video.Several of the explicit sites not only profited from increased traffic, but some sites also required a registration fee to see the end of the video.

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None of the Web site operators returned calls seeking comment.

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It's a shame she had to come back to this," Cummings said.

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Cummings also said Williams dove into the pageant world to help earn extra money for law school."Allison started doing pageants because she came from a single-parent home and virtually had no money," Cummings said.

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