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Pagination is used in some form in almost every web application to divide returned data and display it on multiple pages.Pagination also includes the logic of preparing and displaying the links to the various pages.Electronic pages displayed on a web browser are often called web pages, regardless of whether they are accessed online via a web server on the World Wide Web, or stored locally offline.More accurately, such documents are named by the markup language that makes them displayable via a web browser, e.g. With dynamic web pages, pagination is used for such things as displaying a limited number of results on search engine results pages, or showing a limited number of posts when viewing a forum thread.In reference to books produced without a computer, pagination can mean the consecutive page numbering to indicate the proper order of the pages, which was rarely found in documents pre-dating 1500, and only became common practice c.

The number and size of electronic pages in a document are limited by the amount of computer data storage, not by the display devices or amount of paper.

Some systems are more sophisticated than others in this respect.

Before the rise of information technology (IT), pagination was a manual process: all pagination was decided by a human.

Today, all content, no matter which output medium is planned, predicted, or not predicted, can be produced with technologies that allow downstream transformations into any presentation desired, although such best-practice preparation is still far from universal.

This usually involves a markup language (such as XML, HTML, or SGML) that tags the content semantically and machine-readably, which allows downstream technologies (such as XSLT, XSL, or CSS) to output them into whatever presentation is desired.

They will usually already incorporate the instructions for pagination, among other formatting instructions.

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