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15-May-2019 12:06

It is also a personal story, because I grew up in that world of smart and connected and I helped build pieces of it.

For me it started, in America: in a valley in northern California, south of San Francisco.

I want to explore just two of those histories, both that begin before the TRS80 but that are intertwined and help make the world digital in its current form.

They are still with us and we are still in dialog with the world they have imagined.

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So whenever he wanted to look up something on Google, he just called her on her mobile phone.It isn’t a simple story about architecture and technological innovation or inventors and scientists.And there are lots of formal, wonderful histories that have been written.She said to me: “I am his Google.” That story has always stuck with me; it reminds me you don’t have to be online to be connected, and you don’t have to be surrounded by technology to be always and already part of the digital world. Part of the answer is speed – computers just kept getting faster (and more powerful).

The other part of the answer is that computers changed shape and direction; they went from mainframes to personal computers to mobile phones back to mainframes again, as servers that power the cloud that makes digital applications and services possible.

The TRS80 — Trash80, another friend cautions me — had been launched in America in 1977.

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