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Assure him/her of your support Together with setting reasonable limits to your partner’s behavior, you also need to reassure him/her of your love and support.

For instance even as you announce that you are leaving on account of your partner’s temper tantrums, you could say that you will be back later and open to talking when he/she has regained control over their emotions.

In fact it is also important for you to seek counseling if you are looking at a long term relationship with someone suffering from borderline personality disorder.

So if your partner is not seeing a therapist already, encourage him/her to do so at the earliest.borderline personality disorder sufferers are unpredictable, impetuous and evidence of their desire may in reality have nothing to do with love but only as yet another way to play emotional games with you.

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While it's not the easiest decision, it can turn out quite well for both you and your ex.

Her accomplishments include being featured in Harlots' Sauce online magazine in January 2009, among others.

She is currently a designer for an upscale floral design shop.

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