Chart updating manual

06-Apr-2019 17:54

@zbagley In my case it did update when i change the data, however the animation restarts so it's like if the animation cuts in the middle of it and starts all over, looks ugly. Animation works correctly: // compute new data and store in this.datasets this.datasets[0]= compute Something(); // once new data is computed and datasets are updated, tell our base Chart the datasets changed On Changes(); @nlaplante, thx for this hint. But there remains one single issue: if I push new values the animation (curve) works as it should, but if I shift the first element the animation does not work.I did though something like your solution, but i had to revert to previous scenario, in my case, being an Ionic 2 app (mobile) not rendering anything for a few seconds (0.5 - 2 depending on hardware) would make the app look unresponsive, i prefer it to chop the animation instead, at least it looks like it's doing something. I've been stuck for 2 days straight because I couldn't asynchronously update value in datasets of my bar chart. The chart does not fully rerender, but instead of showing the animation to move the new first value from position 1 to position 0 to the axis it shows a white area until the new first value is at position 0.Whenever I click mine, they only stay red for a second before going back to its default..As we know, when you insert a chart based on a range data, the chart will update automatically while you change the data in the range.On the other hand if you reassign values to the arrays like .I created a wrapper component for the chart just to have clean code, this is what i am going to post here. After getting the chart to display, I changed the color of points to red if they are clicked.If the user clicks multiple points, then the older points go back to their original color. a new one, then the animation works with the code I posted above only. Would be good if the last value moves out of the scale.See screenshot: Now when you change the data in the original range, the chart won’t update with the data changing. I’ve made a new version of the post that takes advantage of Excel tables, which simplified the process a bit (it’s still kinda’ complicated).In some cases, you just do not need the chart updating with the data.

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Now I will tell you how to stop updating chart in Excel.That post is available here.][This post is about dynamic named ranges in Excel 2007.