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They all hail from different countries being Barbados, England, France, Philippines, and the U. You should note that the Paradiso Girls were founded by Robin Antin, who also founded the Pussycat Dolls.

The group is composed of Aria, Chelsea, Kelly, Lauren and Shar.

Celebrating its 20th milestone anniversary (March 31- April 4, 2010), Club Skirts The Dinah will deliver the #1 Billboard pop artist with the current # 1 hit in the country, TIK TOK TIK TOK TIK TOK it’s Ke$ha!

Last year Autostraddle “live-blogged” Dinah Shore (Dinah Shore Weekend Live-Blogged by A;ex for Autostraddle: Lady Ga Ga, Rock Band & Pool Parties!

You know the truth Chelsea so stop pretending……be truthful to your heart for once You guys I love all my fans and all the people that love me for me and not for some layers persons …. stay [email protected] Wnfor Pa Ra Di So well I am not happy it happen we all invest 3 years of our life and work hard :( but is nothing we can do:( is [email protected] Wnfor Pa Ra Di So I am not mad at her I just want you guys to know the truth…… Paradiso Girls are out with the music video to their new single ‘Who’s My Bitch’, the second release from the girl group’s debut album ‘Crazy Horse’, out soon on Interscope Records. Chelsea Korka of Paradiso Girls posted some behind the scenes footage of the girl group’s ‘Who’s My Bitch’ music video shoot the other day.

” Also playing will be LOLENE, who I already like — how can you dislike a lady named Lolene, who apparently has “snatched the #5 spot on the Billboard Dance Charts with her hit single ‘Sexy People’.” Who doesn’t love snatches? This year, if the Paradiso Girls have their way, we will be “so messed up that we will be drunk & throwing up,” but you know what girls you gotta watch yourself and don’t get too vulnerable.This shit is serious: “It’s kinda f*cking funny that Lady Gaga ALSO has yellow hair now,” a yellow-haired Kerli said in her status and mood update.“I wish she would f*cking stop ripping off everything I do.) and Alex got so close to Lady Gaga she could practically lick her bubble dress.

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This year we will have to lick Ke$ha’s watch or something.Asia Nitollano received most of the publicity for winning Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll. But Chelsea Korka has a message for readers: Don't forget about me!