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18-May-2019 00:35

On Thursday night, the Ci C Theater (a few blocks north of the Music Box) will host 12 acts including one of i O Chicago's best Harold teams, The Late '90s, and the popular independent improv group, Sand.

On Friday night, the Annoyance Theatre & Bar at Belmont and Clark will feature stand-up from , a perfectly serviceable two hours of comedy. Theater, where the ostensible "JV team" is knocking it out of the park in their 39th revue, Can we talk kind of seriously about comedy for a moment?

Tickets are on sale now via Ticket Master and run to -- but right here, right now, you could win a pair of tickets to the show!

Just email [email protected] the subject line "Comedy Comisado" and include your name and phone number. Critically acclaimed comedy troupe Octavarius is premiering a new show series titled "Octavarius: Battle for the Belt," tomorrow night (March 13) at 7pm at Stage 773.

Continue reading this entry » — Over his roughly seven years as a part of Chicago's comedy circles Dave Maher had gained a reputation for many reasons: as the smartly unhinged, wildly funny comedian with a big heart and warm smile, he was an evergreen fixture on the scene.

Notably though Maher was also regarded as something of a world-class contrarian in conversation, routinely contesting various individuals' opinions, often vehemently.

It was in this moment that the universe apparently saw an opportunity to prod him further.

Fully embracing its trickster nature, it slipped on an Arlecchino mask and tacitly suggested to Maher that there were bigger questions to be asked; questions about life, and fate, responsibility, and absolution. Described as "'Glee' meets 'Survivor'," this show does not disappoint with its hairpin plot twists, its tour through musical genres of the last two centuries and an upbeat and outstanding cast of performers and tragic/comic themes.

That said, there were a few grandmas in the crowd who were really enjoying themselves, so if they are really fun and open-minded relatives who don't mind frequent references to genitalia in your presence, by all means bring them along. In the '50s, when jazz still served as popular music, comedians got their first shots opening up for bands.

The aforementioned topic hangs thick in the air because this weekend will see our fair city play host to some of the best stand-up comedy talent in the country at the second annual Comedy Exposition—recently named Best New Comedy Festival on the 2015 Reader Best Of Chicago list—which kicks off this Friday, July 10.

The festivities run through Sunday night when the festival ends with a closing ceremony performance at the UP Comedy Club by the fantastic Todd Glass.

Continue reading this entry » — Left to Right: Rusell Mernaugh as Mischa Bachiniski, Tiffany Tatreau as Ocean O'Connell Rosenberg, Lillian Castro as Constance Blackwood, Emily Rohm as Jane Doe and Jackson Evans as Ricky Potts. Continue reading this entry » — television series has been infected with the disease. Beginning October 10, this unique show at Gorilla Tango Theatre Bucktown will start the Halloween season off with Zombie Central.

is a display of a truly hilarious zombie parody that helps the audience determine if anti-zombie vaccines exist, learn tricks for noticing zombie morphing and, yada, yada, yada.

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