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An interesting note about this song - "Take on me" translates literally into Norwegian as an idiomatic phrase for "Touch me." So it's possible the song should be "Touch Me," although not likely, as A-Ha had visited England before and this song was produced by an English-speaking producer. He was one of the funniest and charismatic people I had ever met.A Classic song and video one of the best of the 1980's,and one that I keep coming back as it's SO, SO Catchy!!! When I play the video/song I must say my eyes are usually not dry by the end of it!!! I didn't really see much of Bunty after that as I think she left Monaco. This song's music video took the states by storm in 1985.

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In my country other 3 A-ha songs struck, they're Maybe Maybe, You're the One (for me just as goos as TOM) and Cry Wolf. whenever i hear it i'm 19 again and back in college. I think a-ha have written some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard ..other songs that are so much better than 'Take on Me'!"Sun Always Shines on TV" was big enough to cause debate on the matter.Anyway, why do people act as if being called a "one hit wonder" is a bad thing?I have caught the spoof on Family Guy and it was a riot.

I feel these guys could have done better in the states if more of their music had gotten radio play off future albums.

We have called upon the talents of the England Quiz Team, recently victorious for the fourth time at the European Quiz Championships, to provide us with a range of questions which will tax your collective brainpower to the utmost. The treaty was signed on a boat on the River Moselle running through which namesake village in Luxembourg? In January 2009, which brand temporarily renamed their Butter Pecan ice cream to 'Yes, Pecan!

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