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12-Jul-2019 05:00

I never met anybody like that." At that meeting, Kirby agreed to attend their first convention, and also gave the group a crucial piece of advice.

"He was just so friendly and so unpretentious and so nice.

In the late 1960s, the landscape was very different.

"In those days, you were an oddball or an outcast if you were into that stuff," says Mike Towry, who now runs his own convention, San Diego Comic Fest.

By 1969, Dorf was out of step with society, a square in a culture getting rapidly cooler.

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He had spent most of his life in Detroit, where he was born, living with his parents on and off.Comics – particularly newspaper comic strips like Terry and the Pirates and Dick Tracy, a particular object of obsession – had been his passion since he was a child.

The coup failed, and a weakened Gorbachev survived.… continue reading »

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"This home was small, cramped and lacked a cohesive design and flowing floor plan," says Frank.… continue reading »

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"The hope then is as we move into the different time periods -- later into the Neolithic and into the Chalcolithic -- we can maybe start to see more of the experimentation and find the missing link between the sites in Georgia and the sites in Iran." The methodology for identifying wine residues in ancient pottery was initially developed and tested on a vessel found in Iran 40 years ago by a team from the Royal Ontario Museum led by University of Toronto researcher T. It was also the oldest-known chemical evidence of wine until the recent discovery in Georgia.… continue reading »

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