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Some fans were surprised by Badu’s new sound: a singer once known for incense and head wraps had tackled—and possibly improved—an electro-pop hit by Drake.Most were simply happy to have something fresh to listen to, because Badu hadn’t released an album since 2010.The first session took about twenty minutes; Badu sang the words a few times, and before she finished warming up Witness had captured what became the final version.With a few lyrical edits, she made the song seem teasing and affectionate, as if she were both taking part in a dating ritual and observing it fondly from afar.They were all initiates, none more obviously than the young woman in a head wrap and bejewelled sunglasses who planted herself onstage, in front of the turntables, and sat cross-legged throughout the set, acting as a combination cheerleader and spiritual guardian.When security tried to remove her, Badu intervened, saying, quietly, “Let her go—she all right.” The woman bowed to Badu in appreciation. Over the years, Badu’s onstage persona has come to more closely mirror her offstage personality. They keep aging and getting old—and I just stay the same.”Badu was a rapper before she was a singer, and a dancer before she was either, starting when she was a stubborn, quirky four-year-old, growing up in a working-class neighborhood in South Dallas.She was impossibly elegant, intoning lyrics that sounded like a dreamy distant cousin of the blues: No doubt many Nickelodeon viewers were confused, but Witness was converted, especially once he discovered that the singer was also a local.Badu had come of age in the late nineteen-eighties, in Dallas’s embryonic hip-hop scene; two decades later, as Witness nursed his own obsession with hip-hop, he tried to live up to her example. called White Chocolate, he entertained black and Latino crowds at the local skating rink.) Last year, he paid tribute to Badu with a faintly psychedelic remix of one of her best-loved songs, “Bag Lady,” which he posted online, along with a note in which he confessed that he viewed her as “a second mother.”The remix was just one small sign of Badu’s enduring appeal and influence.

She took him out for vegan food, and then they got to work.We have a sneaking suspicion that Erykah Badu may have partially influenced the title of Common's new memoir, ' One Day It'll All Make Sense.' In a candid Q&A with gossip queen Wendy Williams on her talk show this morning (Sept.13), Common revealed his ex-girlfriend Badu gave him his very first heartbreak -- and over the phone, no less!It was not quite an album, but when it arrived on i Tunes it leaped to No.

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2 on the album chart, behind Adele’s “25.” On music Web sites, Badu was suddenly ubiquitous again.

He told Wendy, "It taught me a lot of things, and when it happened I kinda really got into myself and really learned about myself and I was able to move on, and now me and E is real cool."Common was feeling quite generous sharing the intimate details of his personal life, promoting his memoir and all, and also revealed he is close with another one of his famous exes: tennis superstar Serena Williams.

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