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29-Mar-2019 02:42

This statistic goes hand in hand with educating your kids about online safety, as"65% of online sex offenders used the victim’s social networking site to gain home and school information, [and] 26% of [the] offenders used the [the sites] to gain information about the victim’s whereabouts at a specific time." Due to these staggering statistics, it is crucial that children are informed about the dangers of using social networking sites and posting personal information that can harm them.

Girls are especially vulnerable to certain online sexual offenders, as 75% of the victims of Internet-initiated sex crimes are girls, a large majority of them being between 13 to 15 years of age." Sex offenders are not the only thing that parents should educate their children about online.

Therefore there are some phone tracking software for parents.

The images in which they may exchange could potentially be a leeway for predators get to them.

96% of teens use social networking sites such as Facebook, My Space, Chat rooms, and blogs, which emphasizes how important Internet safety is simply because of the vast amount of people using it.

Breaking it down by age lends us these figures: Four in five 5-7 year olds (82%) Nearly all 8-11 year olds (96%) Almost all 12-15 year olds (99%).

KIK’s unpopularity has been hailed by the disappearing of a teenager.

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Users simply have to download it using a Wi-Fi link in order to enjoy its services.

KIK is one of those social media Apps that is related with most teenagers’ problem.

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