Dating a sagitarrius

14-Mar-2019 00:32

If you're just as inspired, then you're likely the one to share his actively pursued dreams.The Sagittarius man loves to laugh, and you'll get extra points for expanding his mind through humor.And he'll vanish if you try to bring him down, or get him to see how tragic life is.That's why it's best to keep first dates light.He's a mutable man, so be prepared for him to be different, from one date to the next.If you've got a similar stamina and are not freaked out by change, you may be able to keep up.

This perspective keeps him always restless to learn more, do more, experience more.

His innocent lust for you is charming, but keep in mind he might be seeking variety in romance.

If you dive in with the secret hope that he'll commit at some point, you could be let down.

He's focused on the outer world, so it helps if you are too.

That means a steady diet of culture, parties, events, races, trips and so on.An unattached Sadge guy often sees sex as another area of play and exploration.