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Mark initiates a wrestling match and it engenders overwhelming physical and emotional reactions. Two-Act 6M: 20s-40s 3F: 20s-40s Yesterdays Cakes Long time partners, Troy and Jerry, are in an experimental, open relationship. 4M: 19, 50, 58, 60 (pronounced POZ) In 2003, a young man with tuberculosis discovers that if he was HIV , he would be covered by insurance for chemo treatments.It is altered, abused, and triggers revelations with the arrival of Jerrys ex-lover and Troys twink, boy-toy. With the idea of being infected, he meets an HIV man.A modern, gay re-telling of the Pygmalion story that explores the dynamics of relationships, and touches on themes such as love, loyalty, infidelity, marriage, class and art.One act: 110 minutes 4M: two early 20s, two middle-age The Lavender Railroad The play in two parts is set in a dystopian world in which homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death.

Harrys attraction to Eli disturbs both Harrys longtime partner Georgie and Elis boyfriend Freddie.

Three-Act: 2 hours - one apartment set 3M: mid-20s 5F: 4 mid-20s, 1 early 70s Dinner at Darios Two male ex-lovers bicker over past events before a farewell dinner at Darios bistro in Greenwich, Connecticut Frank has been dating two men who briefly appear at different times when they are intimidated by Mark, who hopes to reunite with Frank. As he ascends to power, can he keep all the power and not share with his lovers, his boy slaves, and, especially, keep power from the woman with whom he also had a sexual relationship his mother.