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26-Mar-2019 13:15

Of course Paiste have launched more than just that but the thought of being able to finish the look of your kits with your cymbals is amazing!Here is everything they have released at NAMM 2017!Like Dark Overlord said, they are much like the 2002s, but less refined.They are not hammered as much, and the sound doesn't seem as focused. The Paiste Wiki is just a little more than 2 years old, so really just in its infancy.The concept was developed in the PST X series, which provides a suitable basis for the type of fast and dry sounds that perfectly fit the world of Hip-hop & Electronica percussion.

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These resulting new Thin models provide true all-round capability and multi-functionality.

The 12 model set comes in a massive custom made wooden crate which features elements of the artwork branded into the wood and on a laser engraved bronze plaque.