Dating rules in afghanistan

17-Aug-2019 02:20

He mandated that if women wanted to go to the park, they would not have to have their faces covered.

He also established girls schools, the first ever in the nation.

After the rule of King Amanullah, Afghanistan was ruled Habidullah.

During his short reign of only nine months, women's rights took a sharp decline.

Soviet possession of Afghanistan ended in 1992, and the country was plunged into a state of violent power struggle. The constitution was abolished soon after and became the Islamic State of Afghanistan.

In 1993, it was ruled that women must wear a veil at all times while out in public.

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But despite some contentious clauses being removed, it still states that a man need not support his wife financially unless he has "access to her".

Daoud was overthrown in 1979 due to the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union. In 1984, equal job opportunities to that of men were offered to women.