Dating sign slogan ideas

09-Mar-2019 23:05

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Guerrilla marketing behaviour delivers publicity via local unconventional marketing activity that makes people sit up and notice..think “Shock & Awe”. The oldest guerrilla trick is old fashion PR so keep at it.

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In this picture, local electricity board ESB worked with the municipal authorities to revitalise the cultural quarter in Dublin by using a Street artist to work on the theme of Electricity on an old Building they own in the district: Here is a great example from Ikea: Ikea Follows Banksy and Turns to Graffitti Street Art Caveat: Be careful when engaging in street tactics as you are encroaching on public space – people usually forgive you for imposing your image or promotion on a public space only if it is entertaining, temporary, and an improvement to the environment or aesthetic. Chalk it up :write your website in chalk outside a major event related to what you do say in the carpark or registration driveway 11. Catch some enjoyable examples in Time Magazine’s photogallery on “The Fine Art of Yarn Bombing” 16. Another great example : Le Cool and Dublin city council used open-sourced collaboration on Dublin Park(ing) Day.Use Reverse Graffiti : Street artists use soap instead of a spray can and a stencil to scrub out an image in public space. Sustainable design blog, Inhabitat posts some in “Clean Green Street Art hits San Francisco! Create Projections onto a blank wall at night and it becomes a natural billboard/ cinema screen e.g. The message : re-using parking spaces by turning them into landscaped gardens as a way reclaim city space.If I was a garden centre i would jump on a campaign like this with product placement. Body art as Advertising: using temporary body art / tattoos on your staff as they man events, exhibitions or hand-out flyers in the street.If you need to trial a regional market or neighbourhood or need to sell on a seasonal basis, use vacant or slack premises that are unused and help regenerate the city in the process. Local municipal councils are a great source of vacant units as they need to regenerate old neighbourhoods.

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Approach the landlord of a vacant block by offering to spruce up their neighbourhood and entice long term tenants through your pop-up activity.

I am not really trying to draw in the "dating" crowd, more like the corporate after-work crowd who are just too busy to play as hard as they work.

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