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13-Jul-2019 17:35

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With flash and flamboyance, the family proudly dance to the tune of Taid’s (fiddle) whilst Eldra plays her harp.But although the quarrymen join in with a choral song, Taid warns Eldra that the two cultures cannot mix.

Ond, er i’r chwarelwyr ymuno gyda eitem gorawl mae Taid yn rhybuddio Eldra na all y ddau draddodiad fyth gyd fyw.Daw teimladau cymleth a thensiwn i’r wyneb pan gaiff mab chwarelwr o’r enw Robat ei hudo gan Eldra, Sipsi fach droednoeth.

Sending them something like: “Hey, I’m into big girls. If they think you’re only interested in them for their niche features, they’re going to immediately put their guard up against you.… continue reading »

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