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Infatuation can cause us to forget this great need, and we find ourselves losing relationships with friends and family.

Discipline yourself to make time for both; use balance boundaries.

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It impacts our morals, daily decisions and lifestyle choices.He said relationships in college are possible.“There’s people in this room now that are in relationships so it’s possible you just have to be mature enough,” he said.The panel discussed how social media affects the rules of flirting and relationships and the role social media plays in the interaction between men and women.The discussions started with each of the panelists defining what chivalry was to them.“For me, I would say chivalry is just respect, like just respecting who I am as a person and making sure you’re not making me lower my standards,” said panelist Zari Wilson, a freshman mass media arts major from Duluth.

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One of the questions the panelists were asked was how realistic are dating and relationship expectations in such a strong college “hookup” culture.“First, I think it depends on if you’re a part of that hookup culture,” said panelist Candace Haynes, a communications studies major from Stone Mountain. And so if you choose to be a part of it, then just know that your code conduct changes.”Panelist Jomari Jordan, a sophomore mass media arts major from Stone Mountain disagreed.“Just because college is a hookup culture does not necessarily mean you’re in that culture,” Jordan said.

Chivalry on campus may be different, but it doesn't mean it's dead. Five panelists – both men and women – led the forum.