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27-May-2019 14:29

Nowadays a “foodie” word is found in 79% profiles of dating websites whereas “prepare food” or “cook” shows 20% of engagement.

As you see, it is easy to manage with your meal, but it is more difficult to cook.

Daters noticed 53% of increasing incoming messages for vegetarian way of live and 58% for mentioning vegan requirements. Women try to ignore fast food invitations for the first date. Probably they had no alternative idea as an option.

According to statistics, 61% of women do not like this idea and 19% of men as well.

Food must be a part of other interests of your partner, thus you have to be careful listener to avoid any misunderstandings for the first date in real life.

It is better to know beforehand if it is necessary to speak about meat or vegetables, to find out if to stay fit is more important than to have fun with some fast food dishes.

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Getting back to our question, 22% of women agree to join and 47% of men definitely accept the invitation.

Thus the menkind decided to involve a food festivals and combined them with gatherings. We cannot imagine our existence without it, thus it is important to share your food with someone.