David tennant and karen gillan dating

13-Apr-2019 17:17

IT is a regeneration as startling as any that a Time Lord could muster.Former party animal and “sexiest ever” Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan has put her wild ways aside to become a serious, bona fide Hollywood star.The transformation has made her the most successful Tardis traveller ever.Her latest movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, has made more than £80million in just three days of its limited release.“Every person I’ve met who knows her raves about what an impressive individual she is.” Her popularity on-screen has helped a career behind the camera.In 2015 she wrote, directed and starred in a nine-minute horror film called Conventional, which won rave reviews.She was ridiculed last year after posing in the jungle for promotional pictures for Jumanji in a skimpy crop-top and mini-skirt while her male co-stars were more suitably dressed for the film’s wild setting.But Karen — whose sexiness in Doctor Who was criticised by some parents — insists there is a reason in the script for her tiny jungle clothes.

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“She may have been into that years ago but now she’s a complete homebody.

And most recently, it led her to America in search of new challenges.