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31-May-2019 06:26

Additionally, the women reported lowered self-esteem according to the Rosenberg scale and increased self-consciousness, both in general and in the social sphere.

Acid Survivors Trust International is the only international organisation whose sole purpose is to end acid violence.

The acid can rapidly eat away skin, the layer of fat beneath the skin, and in some cases even the underlying bone.

Eyelids and lips may be completely destroyed, the nose and ears severely damaged.

These dependencies are increased by the fact that many acid survivors are not able to find suitable work, due to impaired vision and physical handicap.

This negatively impacts their economic viability, causing hardships on the families/spouses that care for them.

The media overwhelmingly avoids reporting acid attack related violence; if covered, the description of the attack is laconic, and often implies that the act was inevitable or even justified.

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