Diddy and jennifer lopez dating Adultdating tube

22-Aug-2019 14:58

Lopez was previously married to singer Marc Anthony for seven years before splitting in 2011, and has also dated Sean "P.

Diddy" Combs and Ben Affleck."I'm in a good relationship,” Lopez says of Rodriguez.

"I'm not here to be perfect and I'm not here to be anything but my best, whatever that means for me."She's also learned to not dwell on the past."What's for you is for you, and everything else you have to kind of let it go," she says.

"And learn from it and not fight it."Lopez is promoting her upcoming album, , which is completely sung in Spanish.

There's just something about it that is more romantic and passionate to me, and that's such a core part of who I am," she notes.

"I feel like I can say that for the first time -- I don't know -- maybe ever.