Eclipse sirius updating

24-Aug-2019 07:34

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I started off by pulling the latest GEF4 code base, since it looks like the GEF team has removed eclipse platform dependencies from the Java FX pieces.If this is incorrect, please drop a comment and I’ll update.

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If you want to learn more, join us at Eclipse Con France: with Sirius 4.0 which comes with Neon, and be available officially in Sirius 4.1 expected after Neon.1.

Several widgets are available to represent you semantic elements: text, text area, checkbox, select… For each kind of widgets, you can define specific styles based on the semantic model.

Exactly like it is already possible for diagrams, conditional styles can be applied based on evolving values of your semantic model.

Below, you can see that the are used to query the model and get the expected semantic elements.

One last thing, with the Sirius 4.0 version, when you create a modeler, by default you can get for free beautiful default properties views without defining anything special in your VSM. We do the work for you by providing default rules based on the type of the elements defined in your metamodel.

I wound up modifying 12 files in the gef-legacy code base in order to get an application to run and show a diagram (more on that later).