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Notable influences include Personality Page, Type Logic, Enneagrams Institute, Ocean Moonshine, and the works of David Keirsey.

The MBTI assessment tool and MBTI compatibility is separate and unrelated.

They may have a naturally seductive, sexual charisma that manifests as a fantastical, erotic playfulness or an untouchable aura to others.

When anxious or depressed, they may seclude themselves for extended periods, seeking understanding from within.

Potential Weaknesses The Primary Instinct can be both a strength and a weakness.

When people with the Sexual Primary Instinct become overly preoccupied with its fulfillment, they may be bored with reality and indulge in excessive risk-taking, self-medication, or thrill-seeking.

Appearance: brooding, intense, immersed, fantastical. They channel their sexual energy inwards to explore the imaginations that come from their subconscious.

Their sexual tension occasionally manifests as volatile, self-destructive behaviors when stressed. Further information can be found under the “In Relationships” tab.

They appear to be on an eternal search for the missing piece.

Reasons for divorce vary, from sexual incompatibility or lack of independence for one or both spouses to a personality clash.… continue reading »

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(c) The Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands (SIDN) Dutch Copyright Act, protection of authors' rights (Section 10, subsection 1, clause 1).… continue reading »

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SHIPSHEWANA — Classic cars dating back 100 years rolled through Shipshewana Thursday to the delight of a couple hundred car buffs who gathered to watch the parade of automotive history.… continue reading »

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