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I am an awkward customer for Encre Noir - a youngish woman with a hatred of dominant, stinky, overmasculine vetiver.

So it's a tribute to EN that I can even stand it on my skin, never mind that it intrigues me and makes me see new facets of the smell.

might be worth a look if you're looking for a body spray or lotion that would go along with the encre noire.

I know I can't be the only woman wearing EN out there :) After reading about this fragrance and its notes, I had to get it precisely because it reminds me of some of my running/working out days in the suburbs back home when I'd be surrounded by trees and nature. After selling my bottle a year ago last werk i found a good deal and bought encre noire again.

This has absolutely no bitterness or armpit-BO or the really pungent reek which makes some masculine vetivers unbearable to me.

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In the opening I get a minty-leafy-lemonish smell and as the time passes,gets more woody and darker.

It conjures up a mood of misty melancholy, rather than exotic menace. But whenever I spray it on myself then just can't stand it, it smells like my sweat- probably from too much ISO E Super mixed with cashmere. It is an odd one, and if you find this challenging, may I suggest bearing with it. That bottle too, with its wooden lid that CLICKs into place! update: the similarity between EN and woody i mentioned above on papers. By the way I catch no cypress(green) nor vetiver(earth), I think the combination is smoke, lots of smoke(incense), woods, ginger and lime (there's definitely lime here somewhere), well that's my opinion. If you're an "I wear fragrances for me" guy and you like dark, ethereal scents, this will work for you. Don't wear it for birthdays / anniversaries / weddings. this only works for gloomy, introspective, rainy days in the heart of a forest in the Pacific northwest. As a serial people-pleaser, this is hard to work with.

It's absolutely not what the words "dark wood scent" usually evoke for me (rich, spicy, warm) - rather a much cooler and more controlled mood. it's done the near-impossible by making me even consider wearing it ... It's also very affordable and of great quality for the price. sold it after few months One of the best autumn scents. This will get you as many odd looks as it will compliments. I love this perfume, I have used it for 3 years at least,and it is not a perfume, it is a mood that you get in while wearing this perfume, it helps you enjoy your loneliness, even though it is sth wonderful when you are in love especially in autumn, dating someone special in the cold days, but just I dont like the short lasting of the perfume and I have recently found another price for this perfume in Lalique shops around 95 Euros that makes me think that these cheap versions are kind of fake perfumes. The vetiver is sooo perfectly cool and smooth in it. BTW on my skin, EN is a little darker, deeper and richer. I am in love with this, and out of all my collection (of around 50 bottles), this gets the most compliments. Humid wood, brown dying leaves, modern luxury wooden furnitures, some old school ink. Don't wear it for cracking open a cold one with the boys. I appreciate it on an artistic level, and in fact I'd compliment anyone I smell it on.

This, however, is a work of art, a genius creation: expression of pure feeling through scent. It has a simple composition of notes but as a whole it is still very complex. As with every fragrance, I gave it plenty of chances before I would give up on it and it did grow on me, a lot.

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The fantastic thing is that depending on your mood some notes will be more prominent then other. Before buying this I knew what I was getting myself into...but I'm glad I tried it, and grateful for some lessons it's taught me (about tolerance, and giving things a chance, and how there's always something new to learn about your own tastes and boundaries. Nonetheless, sometimes it's too edgy, especially when I'm in a good mood. Imagine a pale, serious youth had gone out to write some poems in the woods in late Autumn. it is a nice woody smell,but after a couple of days i got bored very quickly,not daily use ı think,at least for me,i gave it to my father and realised that he smells more sexy than i am :) it can be use on the cold winter days,it is not a blind buy i think. Projection off 4 sprays is around 4 hours, on my skin it lasts for ages. It could last a bit longer though, but this is a problem for most perfumes on me, lasting only a few hours. So, concerning the price (low) and the unique dark smell (as other stated, you like it or not), I would definitely recommend it. This one smells like a combination of Cd G 2 and Hinoki, but wetter, and mossy... It's a perfect man's fragrance on a cool, rainy fall day or evening as many have suggested. Some people can smell this wonderful fragrance all day on themselves. But with Encre Noire it does not make any difference whether I spray my chest (skin) or my clothing.