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This is more common than you think, but that doesn’t make it right. When your daughter was young, you undoubtedly had to say no to her at times about something because you knew it was for her own good.In the same way, you may have to do some uncomfortable things for her own good now.I’m not saying that your daughter is an awful person. She is simply irresponsible but she won’t become responsible until someone does something to make her take responsibility.Unfortunately, it sounds like you and your husband will have to be the ones to do it. There is no getting around it so you’ll have to choose now what you are going to do.If you don’t act because you think it is too hard, realize that, in a way, it is the same thing your daughter is doing.She isn’t acting to change her situation because it is too difficult and uncomfortable for her to try to work.Second, you are not alone wondering what to do when adult children won’t leave home.This is probably one of the top 5 questions I get asked.

She refuses to get a job in a restaurant or even her trade which is hair dressing.Don’t take this lightly and don’t be a party to emotional blackmail.