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And the fourth is that you will need two witnesses to sign the marriage certificate on the day.

If you are planning to come here without any guests, the resort or hotel you have booked your wedding package through will be able to assist you with witnesses.

When planning your wedding in Mauritius, it’s important to keep in mind that ‘tropical weather’ can be both idyllic and a little unpredictable—so make sure that you always have a plan b (especially if you’re planning on having a beach wedding). You may need a little patience Part of the charm of this magical island is its friendly, passionate and slightly laid back people.

This may mean that while your wedding arrangements are extremely important to them, responses may take a bit longer than you might expect, even at the finest establishments.

There may be some other legalities pertaining to your specific situation, so it is essential to do additional research—or find out from your wedding coordinator—to ensure that all your bases are covered.

If you are getting married in Mauritius and searching for the quintessential venue, then look no further than Sun Resorts.

That way, you have the opportunity to plan everything down to the finest detail and it heightens your chances of getting your first choice of venue, accommodation (especially over busy periods) and vendors (such as makeup artists and photographers). Not all seasons are created equal Generally speaking, Mauritius boasts a mild, tropical climate and has some exceptional days year around (the yearly average temperature sits at approximately 23 degrees), but due to its varying terrains, temperatures can differ from one part of the island to the next.

Having said that, October is historically one of the best months to get married with its exquisite weather, long daylight hours and low chance of rainfall.

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Also, it’s crucial to know that if you don’t want to be married in community of property, you need to obtain a prenuptial agreement before arriving in Mauritius.

While you are looking at your options, remember, experience counts—you’ll want to choose a venue that has been doing weddings for a while and is not looking for a ‘proof of concept’ opportunity.