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07-Mar-2019 04:17

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“Other guys I text send one word answers or they wouldn't type out the whole word but [this specific] guy was interested in what I had to say, he asked me questions and it was really nice to see him interested in me and actually listening,” says Irina Alejandro, a junior at the University of Houston. Another telling sign that he’s interested is that he pays attention to what you say and remembers things you tell him.If he brings up an important event that you mentioned earlier, he may be trying to connect.“Before we met up he told me that he could take me to the top of the second tallest building in our city.I knew he was interested in something between us because he could potentially get in trouble for taking random people into his workplace.“I just try to get to know the person as I’m talking to them.” While he may not be thinking about dating you yet, if he asks you genuine questions over text, he’s definitely trying to get closer to you. “The fact that he actually cares enough to write meaningful responses back to you means a lot,” says Shereen Jeyakumar, a sophomore at Florida Atlantic University.“Maybe you tell him about a book you read, and he messages back about how interesting it sounds or recommends books back to you.“I try to find out what kind of music, movies and TV you like," he says.

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If a guy is interested in getting to know you better, he’ll want to engage you in conversation — even if it’s just over text.Whatever it is he’s bragging about, he’s probably doing it for you.

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