Fossil correlation dating technique

03-Aug-2019 18:18

This apparent stability in IQ scores makes intelligence look relatively constant, whereas in fact we are all becoming more intelligent across and within our lifetimes.The IQ test and the IQ scoring system are constantly adjusted to ensure that the average IQ remains at 100, despite a well-noted increase in intellectual ability worldwide.

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Again, this finding challenges the idea that intelligence is fixed for life.But what many people fail to understand is that if IQ tests measured only our skills at these particular tasks, no one would be interested in our score.The score is interesting only because it is thought to be fixed for life.This particular use of IQ tests has caused one leader in the field of intelligence research, Robert Sternberg, to refer to IQ testing as “negative psychology” in a 2008 article.

Those who hang dearly onto the notion that IQ is fixed for life have managed to ignore decades of published research in the field of applied behavior analysis.Yet such debates are too focused on IQ as a lifelong trait that can’t be changed. The concept of testing intelligence was first successfully devised by French psychologists in the early 1900s to help describe differences in how well and quickly children learn at school.

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