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In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, action-movie star Vin Diesel has continued to reprise his role of intimidating street racer Dominic Toretto in the ever-popular Fast and Furious movie franchise.

Next up on the 47-year-old’s docket is “Fast 7”, which stars longtime cast members the late Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez. “It doesn’t matter whether you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.” This was said by Toretto early on in the series’ original film and set the tone for a strenuous, but fruitful relationship between Toretto and Brian O’Conner (Walker). “You know this ain’t no 10-second race.” “I’ve got nothing but time.” The series' fourth installment, "Fast & Furious", went without Diesel’s presence up until the very end when he delivered this gem. “I’m one of those boys who appreciates a fine body regardless of the make.” As we know, Diesel’s two kryptonites are cars and women.

Thomas Gates is convinced that the treasure is located with someone or in something called the Charlotte.

The films were distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

After the American Revolutionary War, Adam Benjamin Gates and his twin sister, Eleanor or Ellie, have heard their father's tales of his part in the Revolutionary War and his discovery of a great treasure that helped the Patriots.

Soon, Adam and Ellie find themselves on a dangerous journey into uncharted lands in search of a treasure hidden deep within the wilderness.

Also, the date on the statue in Paris, which is also the combination to access the plank is shown as 1865 rather than 1876.

Disney Press has also published a series of spin-off historical novels about ancestors of the Gates Family, all by Catherine Hapka.

In the sequel to the original 2004 film, black market dealer Mitch Wilkinson (Ed Harris) locates one of the 18 missing pages of John Wilkes Booth's diary and suggests that Ben's ancestor, Thomas Gates, was a conspirator in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, so Ben sets out to prove his innocence by kidnapping the current U. President (Bruce Greenwood) and by finding the disappeared hidden truth.