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"Alright ladies, turn around and put your arms behind your backs."For a brief moment Tamee and Nicole shared a concerned look, but eventually they obeyed.Melissa started with Nicole, using leather straps to lash her arms together.Nonetheless a job as a dominatrix at the EBC was in high demand because of the extraordinary pay.But Julia and Laura were picking their dominatrices very thoroughly.

Nicole seemed to be a bit nervous."Don't worry, Nikki. With our looks and experience the EBC would be nuts not to hire us." Tamee sat down next to Nicole.She was a tall redhead who could probably win every beauty pageant in the state with ease.But right now she looked more like a model right out of a fetish catalogue."The only thing I am worried about is the 'no woman is safe' rule. Chapter 3 - An Unusal Ride The EBC had send a luxurious limousine to pick up Tamee and Nicole.

We may have a lot of experience with bondage, but not at the receiving end."Tamee nodded, "I'm not too keen on getting tied up either, but for the money the pay, I'll swallow my pride."Nicole laughed, "You, strictly bound and gagged? When they got into the car, they were greeted by Melissa Goldstein, personal assistant of Julia Langly and Laura Parker.

Chapter 1 - The Club The 'Elbow Bondage Club' (EBC) was an exclusive fetish club located 38 miles outside of San Francisco.