Free cam chat without registration gust login

14-Apr-2019 15:12

There are packages like: for livechat package, and I don't think it's a good idea to create a user for every person who access And if you setup this, you'll have no registration form, since every visitor will be automatically registered as a guest user.Maybe we could use a Meteor package which automatically creates an account for every user, and then just use permissions to do the rest.And allowing users to change the username and set password would then allow them to register the account once they decide to do so.Anonymous usernames might be pre or post pended with (Anon) or (Temp) or something as well, so users know they aren't registered (per server setting? BTW, the important thing to remember is that this should also work for mobile apps.So that in the mobile app user should just add our server and then they could access public channels without having to register.

I'll read through this thread again to make sure that there wasn't something else mentioned in here. One other thing -- if I close my browser (in this case, Safari), and then reopen, and then paste then I get either only the login page, or an error message 'Invalid User'.

Was thinking about picking up the bounty on it, but don't want to over lap efforts with the rocketchat team! Not trying to steal income from you guys just am interested in this feature! @mitar @Superhearing @butaman @flantascience I'm trying to come up with a solution for this issue. I understand both points of view and trade-offs of both (maybe not all of them).

Main issue with having guest accounts from my point of view is amount of the data and it can be solved like that: . Id() used on almost every step Those can also be solved but with a much greater effort.

I think you should just rely on admin settings to force user registration or not.

Yes, and then you have a registration-looking form which converts that guest user to a normal user. I've been in situations where I went to a sight and I was suddenly logged in as someone else ;) I think this is a great idea!

I liked what achieved You can enter as guest, and it says this message: "You are Rioting as a guest. Will load cache for rocketchat_permissions I20170119-.626(-5)? 63 records load from rocketchat_permissions I20170119-.626(-5)? In addition, I simply think it may looks ugly if there were a lot of guest-xxxx account in channel.

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