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Wildlife does a good job moving the cans around, but key is always..away from white water If not fishing from a boat: -canals/intercoastal; Carolina Rig with mud minnows for flounder/redfish.-if fishing from beach front, blue rig with cut mullet for blues/sharks/reds or Carolina Rig with mud minnow or mullet minnows for same For the gulf stream, later is better as the fall wahoo bite will kick in as the water cools.Haven't heard much talk about Spadefish lately as the King bite has been so good , that is where the fishing focus is.Jelly balls are the answer, 8lb flor, small circle or small jhook.

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At HS, be on lookout for Bluefin Tuna; they are in the neighborhood.

Truthfully we have learned not to give our opinion on questions regarding Bluefin as the rules are so ambiguous and nebulous and subject to interpretation by the Marine Fisheries folks that I suggest you contact them direct.