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They wanted more photos of my dog after that first picture of him and kept asking for them, so I figured I’d just make it a weekly thing so they would know when to expect something instead of just asking for pictures a thousand times a day (laughs).Melissa Parker (dog in the world, and he goes with me almost everywhere I go. Fox rarely spends time at a kennel of by himself at the house.How do you fine the time to record music, appear on a regular television series, go on tour and still have some semblance of a life? Last night after a meeting, the gym and rehearsal for eight hours, I went home and did another cover for You Tube because I enjoy doing it. Melissa Parker (): Will this year’s summer tour be different from the last one? Melissa Parker (): The episode airing June 27 titled “Big Time Cartoon” sounds interesting.James Maslow: Scott Fellows, the creator of our show, was originally in animation, and he still does a couple of animated shows on top of our show, so he’s very versed in making our show a live action cartoon.So, he’s a great dog but definitely a lot of separation anxiety there.Melissa Parker (): I imagine the girls out there want to know if you’re still in a relationship with Halston Sage.I think it’s a very accurate reflection of how we perceive our jobs in real life. I think they were more unique five, ten, fifteen years ago and not that there’s anything wrong with them right now, but it’s almost like the ): Have you and the guys become closer after spending so much time together over the last few years?

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Melissa Parker (): Are you looking for dramatic roles? I think a dramatic role would be a nice opposite of what I’ve been doing. Until the projects I’m writing (and I do writing on the side) come to fruition, it will be what’s out there, what’s available and what works out. In fact, just the other day, a song I wrote for a You Tube artist named Matty B just came out, and I featured on it.

You can only experience certain things when you’re with someone in a monogamous relationship, and that’s a feeling of love or compassion or whatever you can share with each other, but at the same time, I don’t plan on getting married or having children until I’m closer to 30.

Having said that, I just feel like it’s hard to take anything at my age too, too seriously.

Halston is going to be a good friend of mine whether we’re together or not, but I do choose to refrain from answering that specifically right now.

Melissa Parker (): Do you have an age in mind where you might be settling down with someone and having kids? It just kind of goes back to the answer preceding this one in that being in a relationship at my age, or even at the age of some of my fans who are younger, is fantastic in many ways.James Maslow: My career needs to be in a place of my dreams so to speak.

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