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24-Jul-2019 10:58

This has been my first post-Shapiro Six Flags trip and he has definitely turned things around, at least in this park. I have heard so many bad things about Six Flags Parks. From start to finish this coaster just oozes class – it should probably be better described as a stand-up ride, given the insane amount of airtime.

All the rides were running, even perservering with a ropey SLC that eventually beat them when it broke down for the umpteenth time. Staff were very friendly with Melissa and Heather giving us a great welcome. 1 slot on my personal steel coaster hit list finally got a new name tag attached to it. This is certainly the best steel coaster I’ve ridden. Lorna & Adrian Dade Wow what a day, Six Flags treated us great 2 ERS on (great ride) smashing meal and friendly staff.

The second ride was more to the front, this time my co-rider and I were able to move. I must admit that let me down the first time I rode it two years ago, but today the ride was much better.

This proved to be a disadvantage, since we would crash into each other in the curves (sorry Midas! Still wild and crazy, just like a roller coaster should be. However, the 80 year old ride was just great fun and a great way to start this fantastic trip.

Ah well, lets get some sleep and enjoy New England tomorrow! Odd Arne Roste A good, but painful start on my first ECC trip. I saw two guys in the park with snakes around their necks… But it all added to the special ambiance of Coney Island, I guess. It was a bit humorous as they treated us like cattle on the way to the butcher. David Elvy Onto Six Flags New England – wow, a great park, scenic, good atmosphere and great rides. 2 ers sessions on this amazing ride – will we ride a better steel coaster on this trip / ever…?

Peter Procter Wow, what a good way to start a trip – at Coney Island – A Legend in its lifetime. For the first time I had to take my hands from the over head position when the second drop of in the back seat gave me bruises on my right thigh. I really liked the park overall, and it had a unique, special atmosphere. Oh and Keith if you are reading this, I am thinking of you.

The Rapids ride was an experience, I don’t think I have ever laughed so much at someone (Martin) getting totally soaked. The view of the Park from the cableway made a picture postcard. Liked the speed and the unpredictability of it, going thru the trees an everything, but being smacked around that much just made my back hurt. Thomas Enders Heute waren wir in einem kleinen Park, der teilweise an einem bewaldeten Berg liegt.

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David Elvy As I write this, we are now on the coach from Lake Compounce down to Clementon Lake, hopefully we will get some good views of New York again as we did the other day on the way up north. A few hours at Lake Compounce started off with an ERS on coaster, as well as a few of the flat rides. , nice ride in the front, not so in the back, but riding through the woods is quite an experience. Again the staff here were superb and the park presented perfectly.Thank you to all who were involved park staff made it a great day. I also really liked the attention given to theme and details all throughout the park, compared to other SF parks, I hope thats a trend SFNE will stick to in the future.