Invalidating any existing session

11-Jun-2019 20:47

something that wasn't made clear to me here and totally confused me for a while was that domain names must contain at least two dots (.), hence 'localhost' is invalid and the browser will refuse to set the cookie!instead for localhost you should use make your code work on both localhost and a proper domain, you can do this: Of notice, the cookie when set with a zero expire or ommited WILL not expire when the browser closes.If you are having issues with IE7 and setcookie(), be sure to verify that the cookie is set via http for http sites, and https for https site.Also, if the time is incorrect on your server, IE7 will also disallow those cookies from being set.I wasn't specifying the domain, and finally realized I was setting the cookie when the browser url had the later trying to delete it when the url didn't have the If cookie names are in Array notation, eg: user[username] Then PHP will automatically create a corresponding array in $_COOKIE.Instead use $_SERVER['HTTP_COOKIE'] as it mirrors the actual HTTP Request header.At least in my setup a change in one of the parameters resulted in the cookie not being 'there' anymore. Via javascript it is possible to steal cookies from other users.Thus allowing the stealer to login to your site as another user that might not have access otherwise. You can't be sure that the visitor will use the same IP the next visit.

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Why fiddle around with time(); Here's the easiest way to unset a cookie:setcookie('name', 'content', 1); Thats it.The server my php code is running on has sessions disabled so I am forced to store a fair bit of arbitrary data in cookies.

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