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Underneath her lay a coarse woolen cloth consisting of two pieces sewn together; a long piece of cloth of a finer weave, and, at the head, a decomposed scarf or kerchief.

Male dress is far-less well-represented in the Danish bog finds; what there is seems to give an incomplete picture of it, for it consists of practically nothing but skin shoulder-capes which could only have covered a very small area of the upper body.

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As often happens in such cases the local police were first called in, and the body was dug up and laid out in the nearest barn.

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The most complete woman’s costume of Iron Age date that has been preserved came from Huldre Fen, at Ramten in Djursland, the broad peninsula which projects east from the mainland of Jutland (in Denmark), and was discovered in 1879.

Roman accounts of their military encounters with Germani warriors describe the universal dress amongst them as a cape fastened by a brooch (the safety pin of the time) or for those who lacked a brooch, a thorn.