Japan coins dating calandar

27-Apr-2019 01:33

issued their first stamps (Meiji 4.3.1/1871.4.20) in mon and fixed postal rates in mon until April, 1872 (Meiji 5.2.28).

During the co-existence with the sen (1870/91), the metal content of the old currency became important.

Branched ("Edasen" 枝銭) Mon coins of the Bunkyū period.

This shows the foundry technique to make the coins: the coins would then be clipped and filed to obtain the final round shape.

Smaller sen coins did not appear before spring, 1873.

So the mon coins (1, 4, 100, 250 mon etc.) remained a necessity for ordinary peoples commodities and allowed to circulate until 18. 1, 1954 onward the mon became invalid: postwar inflation had removed sen, mon etc. Due to the missing small coinage, the Japanese posts e.g.

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