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Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, the film is a sequel to 2012's super hit film, ‘Ek Tha Tiger'.

The first to see the gods, the first to tame their beasts, the first to guard the souls from evil. Your protagonist is Bayek of Siwa, a Medjay, a former member of an elite police that had mysteriously disappeared in the collapse of the New Kingdom.

Prem and Raja are twin brothers who are seperated at birth but are uniquely connected to eachother via their reflexes.

They reunite as adults and set out to take down the underground smuggling world.

A government clerk on election duty in the conflict ridden jungle of Central India tries his best to conduct free and fair voting despite the apathy of security forces and the looming fear of guerrilla attacks by communist rebels. Sulu) essays the role of a beautiful, enthusiastic and happy-go-lucky Mumbai housewife whose routine life changes when she unexpectedly lands herself with the ...

See full summary » Gopal, Laxman1, Madhav, Lucky and Laxman 2 live in orphanage of Jamnadas.

Set in the small-town of Bareilly, Bitti is a free-spirited young girl who lives life on her own terms and refuses to be pressured into getting married.

Her life takes a shift when she meets Chirag Dubey and Pritam Vidrohi.

But since I had already watched Secret Superstar with my friends and my parents wanted to watch a movie, I had to choose Golmaal Again. It was like a nightmare to tolerate this garbage for 2.5 hours. A plain boring journey with no humor, no horror, and suspense.I could have left the theater in the middle, but my parents said that it would be a wastage of money, which we had spent for tickets. Now coming to the essence, this movie has only a few seconds during which you can actually laugh. I agree, film poster already says "no logic only magic", but at least there should be some humor, there should be some good performances. Plain boring and forced story (not worth telling at all). Direction: Another dismal and miserable attempt of Rohit Shetty to make people laugh and this time it has got worse than it could be.Seriously I am not exaggerating anything, the movie has only one or two scenes during which I really felt to laugh that too for very few seconds. He knows it really well that how to fool people by taking a huge star-cast and releasing his movie around a big festival. Performances: The movie is filled with tons of stars.Gopal leaves the orphanage with Laxman 1 and Madhav also leaves with Lucky and Laxman 2.

Years later they have grown up an earn good by doing con jobs and send a share to Jamnadas's orphanage.Another big disappointment was Tusshar Kapoor who also fails to create humor. Cinematography: The ONLY thing that gave pleasure to my eyes was the terrific beauty of Ooty, which was well captured in this film. This film has really created an urge in me to visit Ooty during my next vacation. The last verdict: Golmaal: the fun unlimited was awesome, Golmaal Returns was average, Golmaal 3 was poor and Golmaal Again is the worse thing you can see in a comedy movie.