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08-Jul-2019 14:45

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So, rather than going ahead and liquidating the 401k, use it to your advantage.

The net proceeds you would get when taking it out and when taking a loan against it are almost equivalent.

This is for investment property only so most lenders will require at least 15% down and sufficient cash flow. You will be paying your solo 401k interest of approximately 4.0%.

This is certainly not the best use of your 401k money, but if you do not care much about the balance of your 401k and are looking to invest in real estate to achieve early financial freedom, this may make sense.

I am just obsessed with the notion of financial freedom and love exploring ways to expedite the journey. There are other things to consider including in your reserves, as well as other creative ways you can reap the high returns of real estate, tax-deferred. In order to qualify for any conventional-type loan that is sold to Fannie or Freddie, you need to have a certain amount of months of reserves (or liquidity).

At 25 years old, you are probably taking your first steps in your journey towards financial freedom. Lenders consider your 401k as part of your reserves, so losing ~40% of it through liquidation will be a huge hit.

The one limiting factor is that you cannot get a conventional recourse loan with your 401k.real estate) with your 401k without taking the penalty.Rather than having your 401k held with a financial advisor and being diversified amongst asset classes that return ~7% annually, you can move it to a self-directed IRA or a solo 401k to manage yourself.Our internet auction services offer a broader host of buyers from across the nation to bring you the most money for your property.

Before you make the decision on liquidating your estate, be sure to consult with B-N Auction House, to learn about the many options and services we can provide to you.

Meanwhile, the younger folks in pursuit of early financial freedom are skeptical of this advice—and rightfully so.

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