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"You know what, man," Zach said, pushing away from the computer screen."I'm going to head home for a bit before we go out later today. " Christian burst out laughing, unable to help himself.Christian immediately came over to the computer when the sounds of oral sex filled his apartment, completely speechless and mortified. " Since that day, they began sending one another video clips and pictures that they'd find on their own and would usually look at some porn after a study session or when hanging out together.Wanting to spare his friend's feelings and not really knowing what else to say, Zach said, "Hey, I think I've seen this clip before. After surfing together for a half hour or so, depending on whose place they were at, one guy would excuse himself and head home for the night..each of them would beat off at the first chance they had.I'd actually be totally comfortable with doing it here, it's just that I'd sort of prefer to have something to look at while I'm doing it if you know what I mean. Hardly any mess and it makes me feel more like I'm fucking the girls I'm looking at." "Hm, I've never tried that before," said Zach. So I guess I'll just leave while you do your thing and then, um...well, how do you want to let me know you're done? "We're already looking at porn together, we both know fully well that the other guy's going to jack off - I don't particularly care if you see my cock or not, so why don't we just do it right here are pretend the other guy's not there?" "You're a practical guy, Christian," Zach said jokingly."It's so great how she finally came out with a sex tape," Zach agreed."I mean, looking at her perky tits and perfect ass is great, but I've been wanting to see her get fucked for such a long time now." Zach and Christian had both just finished the last year of their undergraduate programs and were just killing time until the summer officially started.

Both were 21 years old, did very well in school, and were both currently single.

While neither guy identified with being bisexual, each had checked out their fair share of bi porn and had liked what they saw.

When each thought the other wasn't looking, they checked out each others' packages to compare them to their own.

Please add a one-time donation to help fund our most urgent campaigns to fight discrimination and expand LGBTQ rights.

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Remember, 100% of your purchase fuels the fight for LGBTQ equality and makes you an active member of the Human Rights Campaign.I need to, um, do a few things over there." "Alright," Christian replied, relieved that he could finally have some privacy himself. Realizing that he was going to be embarrassed either way, Zach blushed and stood up, his fully erect package very obvious underneath his clothes. Then, not wanting his friend to feel ashamed, he continued, "Seriously, though, don't worry about it, man.