Misadventures in internet dating

12-Aug-2019 18:06

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two of my friends started dating

Yes, this book was short, but it was also incredibly cheap.

At one point, I decided that I needed some Lucky Charms, but that probably wasn't the best decision, because choking on little rainbow marshmallows while listening to a humorous audiobook would make for a slightly embarrassing epitaph. I adore AJ Jacobs, and Brian Donovan has a similar writing style (a bit more swearing though).

I would also like to say that, having read this book and subsequently checked out Donovan’s website, I really like his presence on the web.

It’s Not A is a kind of community where people share their own dating disasters and advice, ask questions, receive feedback, etc.

From women who spontaneously broke down into uncontrollable sobbing during sex to women who criticized him for taking medication during a date on national TV, Brian Donovan has had a lot of bad experiences with and OKCupid.

Divided pretty evenly between personal advice for online daters and his own disaster stories, the book was both entertaining and enlightening, but above all, this book was funny.It’s not good enough to get me to switch from Tumblr to Word Press, but hey, it’s something to check out every once in awhile.

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