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10-Jun-2019 20:02

“Unfortunately I was not able to change his mind...children make mistakes, parents always feel some guilt.But I did my best, and I think he was worn down on the inside." Speaking to reporters from her home in the suburb of Fagnano, she said Zaghba had changed in the past year and she could “tell there had been a radicalisation”.

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It's as if I were ashamed to say 'I'm also a mother, I'm also suffering.'” Hundreds of imams have refused to say funeral prayers for the terrorists – a choice the mother says she supports to send a “strong political signal”.

Donald Trump’s mother once reportedly asked his first wife “what sort of son have I created”.

Mary Trump, the Scottish-born mother of the US President who died in 2000, is reported to have been acutely embarrassed by the antics of her fourth child during the 1990s when his failing marriage and business were the subject of intense tabloid scrutiny.

But Ms Trump despaired of her son’s antics during the late 1980s when the ups and downs of his divorce from his first wife, Ivana Trump, meant her family were thrown into the spotlight when she was in her eighties.

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She became a minor source of attention during this time and was frequently photographed by the paparazzi.

The mother of one of the London Bridge attackers has said she is “ashamed” to mourn her son after he took part in the massacre of at least eight people.

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