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Once again, it's up to Lovejoy to solve the mystery, which involves the manager of a heavy rock band.

John Wells [ Major Linden Walker ], Eleanor Summerfield [ May Walker ], Peter Armitage [ George Palmer ], Bert Parnaby [ Sorrel ], Robert Austin [ Bruce Wayne ], Corrine Ransom [ Angela Moxon ], James Smith [ Charles Bullivant ], Trevor Cooper [ Police Sergeant ], Lee Whitlock [ Police Constable ], Albie Woddington [ Adrian, the mechanic ], David Mc Alister [ Geoffrey Gooch ], Gillian Bush-Bailey [ Andrea Gooch ], Michael Burns [ Percy Williams ], Bill Thomas [ Justin Small ], Nicholas Lumley [ Albert Stacey ], Ingrid Wells [ Barmaid ] Dennis Lovejoy Antiques is commissioned to fit out a new restaurant owned by an old army buddy of Tinker's, Major Linden Walker.

Things are not helped by Eric's 'bin diving.' Katia Caballero [ Rosita Lujemillo ], Trevor Byfiled [ Jeff Diamond ], John Stratton [ Prof.

David Hayward ], Roger Ashton-Griffiths [ Longstaff ], Paul Kynman [ Bernie ], Mark Crowdy [ Nick Bellenger ], Jack Ellis [ DI Hogg ], Jessica Carney [ Hotel Receptionist ], Malcolm Terris [ Ronnie Bassett ], Cougar [ 'Ded Lizards' ] Alexander An Incan trinket, which has been sold to Eric, brings a bit of black magic to East Anglia, including a couple of murders.

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A pair of identical twins, Caterina and Lavinia, plans the scam.Aided by his 'Barker', Tinker Dill, and an apprentice, Eric Catchpole, son of the local butcher, he sets out to unravel the meaning behind a coal carving of a Japanese firefly cage.His 'rival' is Charlie Gimbert, his landlord and owner of the local auction house. NOTE: Ronald Frazer appears in this episode as Drummer, but later appears in episode 17 as Michael Edwards.Catherine Strauss [ Nicole ], Burnell Tucker [ Edward ], Jo Ross [ Helen ], Charlotte Edwards [ Kate Lovejoy ], Freda Dowie [ Mrs Springer ], Sheila Keith [ Museum Curator ], Anthony Jackson [ Brian ], Paul Antrim [ DS Steve Hill ] Amanda, Dandy Jack, Bigelow After a robbery at the local museum, and the death of a local forger, which seem to be connected, Lovejoy goes on the trail of a hidden hoard of Roman coins in the Isle of Man.

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He soon discovers that a couple of Americans are also interested in the hoard.Kim Thomsen [ Nicola Page ], Ronald Frazer [ Drummer ], Sarah Lawson [ Mrs Heppleston ], Frank Mills [ Mr Catchpole ], Ben Howard [ Devlin ], Jeff Hall [ Ossie ], Barry Jackson [ Insp.