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Now, there are reports that Meghan was not quite single when she and Harry met.According to , Meghan was still in a long-term relationship with Canadian "celebrity chef" Cory Vitiello., viewers watched as the reality star coped with new reports that Matt Baier may have cheated on her more than a year ago."There's, like, fake f--king text messages, supposedly," Amber told a producer as cameras rolled."They do look fake but I'm just sick and tired of this."While the conversations may have been from more than a year and a half ago, it still caused a reaction from Amber."I just told him in the car that we need to have a break because this is getting too much," she continued. I need to figure out what's going on with all this s--t.In the nine months since we first learned Prince Harry is dating Meghan Markle, there's been no shortage of gossip about the couple.But most of it has centered around concerns that they're moving too fast and unconfirmed rumors that Harry and Meghan are engaged.My husband was at home with my kids so what the hell.He owed me some time anyways, he works all the time and leaves me with them.“Sure, but where is the party?

If you feel that something significant has changed in your relationship, or that your partner is behaving in a way that you wouldn't have expected, these may be signs that they are having an emotional affair.

At that time, sources claim, she was very much still dating Corey, which might be part of the reason that Harry and Meghan went to such great pains to keep their relationship under wraps for so long.