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Say, for instance, you have oil careening through your veins, and your idea of nirvana is tooling around Italy’s Motor Valley in the finest motor cars. Meet the maestros who design and build the world’s most sensuous cars and motorcycles and indulge your culinary lust with private cooking classes and wine tastings in northern Italy’s famed Emilia-Romagna region.

The element of danger combined with experiencing magnificent wildlife up-close builds lasting comraderie like nothing else this side of battle. But unlike playing the links, fishing is laced with moments of high drama that promise bountiful, ribald stories for your grandkids’ everlasting astonishment.

After all, if you aim high, you’ll be rewarded not only with amazing stories, but you’ll also return with a renewed appreciation for life. What follows are nine of our favorite dream adventures—from dashing across the world as everyone’s favorite secret agent to manning a fighter jet to exploring the deep-sea ruins of the world’s most famous shipwreck—that are guaranteed to shake up your world.

How many people would you walk past each day that would be signed up to a dating site and you wouldn't know it. so good luck to them i about a lady who does have a pc etc... we are not starting a thread to convert her into becoming a pub chic.. just saying they have a need for many and the original topic was "what are the best ones" so the need arose for someone :).… continue reading »

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Outside the limited boundaries of the City, a variety of arrangements has governed the wider area since 1855, culminating in the creation of the Greater London administrative area in 1965.… continue reading »

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Zoosk says the blur fades over 40 seconds, but you can tap “Add Blur” whenever you like to remain hidden.… continue reading »

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04/14/09 "John: Examine contents of chest." In here you keep an array of humorous and mystical ARTIFACTS, each one a devastating weapon in the hands of a SKILLED MAGICIAN or a CUNNING PRANKSTER. Among the ARTIFACTS are: TWO (2) FAKE ARMS [CURRENTLY CAPTCHALOGUED IN YOUR SYLLADEX], ONE (1) PAIR OF TRICK HANDCUFFS, ONE (1) STUNT SWORD, ONE (1) MAGICIAN'S HAT, ONE (1) PAIR OF BEAGLE PUSS GLASSES, SEVERAL (~) SMOKE PELLETS, SEVERAL (~) BLOOD CAPSULES, and ONE (1) COPY OF COLONEL SASSACRE'S DAUNTING TEXT OF MAGICAL FRIVOLITY AND PRACTICAL JAPERY, and ONE (1) COPY OF HARRY ANDERSON'S "WISE GUY", BY MIKE CAVENEY. 04/15/09 "John: Examine incoming message." You pull up to your COMPUTER. You decorated your desktop with some rather handsome WALLPAPER which you made yourself. Your desktop is also littered with various PROGRAMMING PROJECT FILES. 04/15/09 "John: Open Pesterchum." Only one of your CHUMS is logged in. 04/15/09 "John: Open message." |PESTERLOG| -- turntech Godhead 04/15/09 "John: Look out window." You see the view of your yard from your window. In a kid's yard, a tree without a tire swing is like a proper gentleman without a monocle. The red flippy-lever thing means you have new mail. 04/15/09 "John: Go outside and check mailbox." You are about to hurry down stairs when you hear a car pull into the driveway. You decide to chill out up here for a while until the dust settles.… continue reading »

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