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Gold Lunula Exemplifies the craft of the Irish goldsmith in the Bronze Age.Decorated with simple pattern of hatched triangles.Five Gold Bands Made of sheet gold, they comprise one of the earliest collections of gold objects found in Ireland.Discovered: Belville, County Cavan Date: 2300-2100 BCE See also Visual Arts in Cavan.Discovered: Dooyork, County Mayo Date: 200 BCE - 100 CESilver Spiral Rings Part of a large number of gold, silver and bronze ornaments and implements found near the famous Passage Tomb of Newgrange, these rings have three coils decorated with transverse notches on the upper and lower edges.Discovered: Newgrange, County Meath Date: Second Century CECarving of Saint Patrick Full-length late medieval relief-sculpture carved from a limestone pillar, featuring a bearded cleric in full bishop's attire with mitre and crozier.

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Gold Foil-Covered Bullae (Pendants) Decorated in diverse patterns of concentric circles, geometric motifs and gold filigree.Discovered: Bog of Allen, County Kildare Date: 800-700 BCE See also Visual Arts in Co Kildare.Gold Hoard of Collar, Pair of Gold Lock-Rings, Bracelets, Ear Ornaments Ceremonial jewellery, made from gold foil and gold wire.Discovered: Trillick, County Tyrone Date: 2000 BCE See also Visual Arts in Tyrone.

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Hoard of Gold Ornaments The armlets are made from heavy sheet gold, while the necklet is fashioned from gold wire, almost 15 metres in length, wrapped over a leather thong.

Discovered: Derrinboy, County Offaly Date: 1400-1200 BCE See also Visual Arts in Co Offaly.