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29-May-2019 13:29

The governor of Pennsylvania happens to be Jim Matthews, Garrett Walker’s former vice president who got conned into stepping down by then-whip Frank, who replaced him.Matthews is due to testify before the committee investigating Frank.

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can still be counted on to deliver some seriously mind-blowing drama. The first lady is sleeping with another man, all the while plotting how to spin a terrorist attack on U. The televised beheading of American James Miller by ICO terrorists is having a huge impact on the upcoming election, which is now just two weeks away.Secretary of State Catherine Durant (Jayne Atkinson), ever the voice of reason, balks, calling it "unprecedented." Or is that "unpresidented"?with the first lady, Tom Hammerschmidt (Boris Mc Giver) rightly accuses Frank of using the possibility of war to distract everyone from the charges raised in his big article.He’s invited the nation’s governors, including New York’s very own Will Conway, to D. to convince them to create large-scale voting centers patrolled by the National Guard to keep voters safe.

This is especially crucial in five swing states: Nevada, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Frank's plan is to push Congress to make a declaration of war, whipping Americans (and, more importantly, voters) into a fearful frenzy.

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